Adidas product analysis

In the world of sporting goods, adidas has always represented a special status symbol, and this symbol has
People call it “the three lines of victory.” Since its inception in 1948, adidas has helped countless athletes to create success and achieved a lot of great accomplishments. Therefore, adidas can also be said to be a collection of everyone trust and respect the best example. Its brand
Adidas currently owns three major series: sports performance series performance (three stripes), sports traditional series originals (clover) and sports fashion series style (sub-sub-brands: Y-3, SLVR, adidas)
Adidas classic clover (adidas classic clover)
Clover since 1972 to become a sign of Adidas, Adidas products were all used when this sign. Clover shape as the three-dimensional plane of the earth unfolded, much like a map of the world, which symbolizes the three stripes extend to the world. However, since 1996, the clover logo has been exclusively used in the classic series Original products. Classic series is to select the best products in Adidas history as a blueprint, in the fabric and style slightly re-released after the release. The whole series more fashion, products include shoes, clothing and bags and other accessories.
Perhaps because each classic series has a unique story, it seems that the classic series is always so connotation, always full of fresh vitality and fashion breath. The fall of 2002, Adidas classic series for the first time in China cheap yeezys limited edition. From shoes, clothing to accessories, each one is the design of the boutique, so that people chasing the trend put it down. Adi sports shoes technology applications
adidas: Simple to say: shock absorbing plastic. Prene more for the palm, the main function is to be subject to the pressure dispersion, minimize. In other words, the prene +, which absorbs and digests the longitudinal stress laterally, uses the opposite concept to provide longitudinal rebound force, which acts as an elastic start point for increasing power at start-up. For forefoot.
Image result for adidasAdidas – a technology pioneer. Do not let go of major sporting events. adidas this brand has always been professional, efficient,
Simple synonymous. Since its inception, adidas has taken product technological innovation as the motivation for market expansion and brand recognition. Because its founder Adidas Dassler is a track and field sports enthusiasts and keen on innovation entrepreneurs and inventors, the world’s first pair of skates and plastic cast soccer spikes are from adidas, he has received a total of 700 patent. At the same time, adidas actively sponsors the global sports event, the Olympic Games has been identified as the best adidas sponsor yeezys for sale. By the 1960s and 1970s, adidas had an unmatched advantage in the sporting goods market and became the best sporting goods brand in the world.
Adidas sports shoes functional design ideas: First, shock absorption effect:
1, refers to the impact of the soles of the feet absorb shock when the impact of the ground. Such as air cushion, PU, ​​MD, EVA and so have anti-shock features, especially the air cushion for people generally valued.
2, when the human foot landing, the impact of the ground on the human foot is usually 2-3 times the body, especially when bouncing up to 10 times, while a good anti-shock device can reduce this impact;
3, PU cushion shell contains a certain pressure of gas, when the foot landing, it can be deformed by the diversion of impact, in order to achieve the effect of shock absorption. Thus avoiding the damage caused by excessive vibration. Second, reverse the system: 1, athletes in the steering, reentry, lateral movement of different parts of the feet will be reversed in different directions, prone to movement sprain.
Image result for adidas2, inside the foot and other parts of the arch with high-density materials installed on a device to prevent excessive inward movement of the human foot flip, to avoid sports sprains. Third, the return of energy: 1, this refers to the soles of the ground can generate energy stored together, when the foot to do before the action from the moment, soles of the energy back to the foot.
2, of which the most obvious is the air cushion, when the foot fell to the ground, the foot gives the air cushion energy, the air cushion deformation after force, when people lift the air cushion because of restoring the original shape and energy rebound to the human foot;
3, that is, when people lift their feet, the air cushion to help its energy rebound, so that athletes run faster, higher jump.
Fourth, the foothold: refers to the shoe last design, structural design (such as to help the surface, to help the end of the suture, the focus of the scope of the structure, etc.) and a variety of new high-tech materials superior telescoping features (four shells and LYCRA ) Use, so that consumers feel comfortable wearing fit. Fifth, non-slip effect:
1, refers to the surface of the outer sole slip effect or grip, slip effect is not enough, not only prone to slip danger, causing sports injuries, but also affect the user’s performance.
2, non-slip effect is mainly reflected in the application of the substrate and the design of the sole pattern, according to the different modes of movement, anti-slip effect of setting and design will be adjusted accordingly.
Adidas sports shoes is precisely because of its unique philosophy and advanced technology for Adidas brand to become a leader in the sports world, conquered more and more people.